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Langley Park School for Boys

Lpsb logoLangley Park School for Boys is committed to providing every student at the school with a high quality education. We take pride in what we do and strive to foster a clear identity and an excellent reputation. We ensure that each child has access to a rich and rounded curriculum and has the opportunity to develop, to excel and to achieve their full potential. We promote a culture of high expectation, of leaders and governors, staff and students, and we constantly strive to improve and to be the best we can be. We promote a supportive and collaborative environment across the school, working together and with parents and the community to achieve our objectives. At Langley Park School for Boys we prepare our students for their life after school.


Suzanne Munday

Suzanne Munday
Langley Park School for Boys

School Contact

Langley Park School for Boys

South Eden Park Road
Telephone: 020 8639 4700


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