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Impact Alliance Challenge Partners Hub

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As members of Challenge Partners, we believe in collaboration between schools to enhance the life chances of all children.

The Challenge Partners Mission is:

to reduce educational inequality and improve the life chances of all children. Through collaboration, challenge and professional development, we are working to ensure every school community can benefit from the combined wisdom of the education system.

The Challenge Partners values, which guide our work together, are to:

Excellence – we are always looking for ways to improve because we are determined to achieve the best for every child, teacher and leader.

Equity – we treat each other fairly, with trust, care and respect. We seek the best for every child, and know that those who have the least need our combined expertise the most.

Collaboration – we listen to, share with and learn from each other, developing our practice together so that every child benefits from our combined wisdom and creativity

Challenge – we expect the best of ourselves and each other, and value challenge which helps us improve

Innovation – we use and generate research, we innovate with discipline and evaluate intelligently in pursuit of better outcomes for all children, especially the most disadvantaged.

Courageous leadership – we speak up and take responsibility for all children, making sure that we do not harm others in doing our best for our own schools.

Our hub vision is:

to share and develop excellence, to create equity and impact positively on the children and young people and professionals within our schools.

We recognise the following:

  1. We are stronger together than on our own
  2. You get out what you put in
  3. We commit to our hub and each other
  4. We need to engage our wider staff and school community in our work
  5. We can work together towards common goals which address the needs and priorities of our individual schools

We commit to the following:

  1. We will ensure our school is represented at hub meetings
  2. We will support the attendance and engagement of staff and leaders at planned collaborative activities
  3. We will invite and welcome colleagues into our schools.

Our Hub Leaders

To view the profiles of our Hub leaders click here.

Upcoming Events Calendar

Please see the link to the Calendar for upcoming events. 

Calendar of Events 


Hub Updates

Schools Within our Hub

School logos

The Following schools are part of the Impact Hub: 

Skinners' Kent Academy

Brompton Academy

Skinners' Academy

Trinity Church of England School, Belvedere

Chatham Grammar

Babington House School

Julian's School

Clare House Primary School

Langley Park Primary School

The Marsh Academy

Langley Park School for Girls

Forest Academy

Westside School

Tolworth Girls' School and Sixth Form

Glebe School

Plumstead Manor School

Lilian Baylis Technology School

Ravens Wood School

Hayes School

Hawes Down Primary School

Leesons Primary School

Elmstead Wood Primary School

Langley Park School for Boys

Saint Gabriel's College

The Development Plan

The development plan can be viewed here.

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