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Our History

Our Trust was formed in September 2022, when the former Impact Multi-Academy Trust (two secondary schools) came together with the Langley Park Learning Trust (two secondary schools and three primary schools). Although never limited by history, we are proud of the history of both our Trusts and our schools.

The original concept of the former Langley Park Learning Trust was developed by the then Headteachers of Langley Park School for Girls and Langley Park School for Boys. In 2011 they began working towards a “Langley Park Education Village”, where the two schools worked in equal partnership to promote education for the whole local community.

In 2013 the Langley schools were approached by the then Hawes Down Infant and Junior Schools about joining a Multi Academy Trust (MAT). Both the girls and the boys’ schools were already working closely with Hawes Down, as many of the Hawes Down children transfer to the Langley secondary schools, so this was seen as an ideal opportunity to build on shared ethos and to raise standards, to facilitate effective transition between Key Stage 2 to 3, as well as providing opportunities for staff development and for economies of scale.

The two Hawes Down schools, now one school Hawes Down Primary School, converted to academy status on 1 March 2015 and joined the newly formed ‘Langley Park Academies’ to create a MAT with Langley Park School for Girls. The Trust was then joined by Clare House Primary School in August 2016 and Langley Park Primary School, which opened in September 2016. On 1 September 2018, the ‘Langley Park Academies’ re-formed as Langley Park School for Boys formally joined the Trust which was then renamed to ‘Langley Park Learning Trust’

The original Impact Multi Academy Trust was formed in April 2017, when Ravens Wood School came together with the neighbouring Hayes School. The vision and commitment was for uncompromising aspirations for all children and together it was recognised that both schools would be able to impact on the life chances of all students. This was a key point in the future development of both schools, with two strong, high achieving and popular schools working together for the benefit of the young people in our local community. Both bringing different areas of expertise to the Trust.

Bringing together our two Trusts under the name of Impact Multi Academy Trust is the next stage on our journey of being a family of schools that work together to improve outcomes for children.

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