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Trust Merger Consultation

This page will be used to update the progress of the potential merger between Langley Park Learning Trust and Impact Multi Academy Trust. The timeline of information is set out below. 


Posted on: 26th April 2022

A new larger local academy trust– working in closer partnership
Further to earlier communications and consultation, we can confirm that the trustees of both Langley Park Learning Trust and Impact Multi Academy Trust have agreed to the merger of our two existing trusts to form a new, larger trust from September 2022.  This provides an exciting opportunity for our schools, our staff and the students and families within the local community we serve. The new trust will comprise: Clare House Primary School Hawes Down Primary School Hayes School Langley Park School for Boys Langley Park School for Girls Langley Park Primary School Ravens Wood School
We continue to believe:

  • Our children and young people will achieve and experience even more as part of a larger family of schools.
  • Our staff will benefit from greater opportunities for collaboration and personal and professional development within a larger trust.
  • Combining our experience, expertise and resources will enable an even better range of services, will support sustainability to our schools, and also maintain and advance educational excellence. 

The individual schools will, of course, retain their unique identity and character whilst the opportunities for increased collaboration will help our schools move forward for the benefit of all our pupils and students. We will keep all informed and look forward to launching our new trust in the new school year, building on the traditions, success and reputation of our existing schools and trusts.

Posted on: 1st December 2021

Please see here for a document with more detailed information in response to some of the points that were raised during the consultation on these proposals.  

Posted on: 12th November 2021

Langley Park Learning Trust ran a consultation on the proposal to merge with Impact Multi Academy Trust from Friday 17th September to Friday 15th October 2021.

As part of this consultation, our schools wrote to all parents/carers to bring the proposal to their attention. We also wrote to local elected representatives, other local schools and our local authority. Finally we held a consultation meeting with our staff and their union representatives. 

LPLT received 14 responses, of which two were joint responses to LPLT and Impact. A small number of staff and union representatives attended the consultation meeting. 

Overall, the responses received were positive. The main issue raised was whether this proposal would lead to the creation of new feeder schools. This is definitely not the intention of either Trust, and we went back to everybody who raised this issue to confirm that was the case. 

Other issues raised were: 

  • Issues around staff terms and conditions. 
  • Maintaining existing positive cultures of all schools in the newly formed Trust. 

Since the closure of the consultation our proposal has also received an in principle agreement from the Department for Education’s Regional Schools Commissioner. 

The Trust will now be considering all consultation responses received, as well as conducting our own due diligence. We will also continue to work with Impact on exploring next steps. We remain clear that we will only go ahead if Trustees are confident that doing so will improve the standard of education for children.

Posted on: 17th September 2021

Langley Park Learning Trust is working together with a neighbouring trust, Impact Multi Academy Trust, to explore potentially establishing a new Trust, to grow and improve what we offer to our schools. We are consulting on these proposals between Friday 17th September and Friday 15th October.

The rationale behind the decision to consider joining together to form a new Trust includes:

  • The two Trusts have much in common, share the same values and culture and are committed to building the new trust on these foundations.  
  • Both Trusts are relatively small. LPLT has 5 schools (3 primary schools and 2 secondary schools) and Impact has 2 secondary schools.  All seven schools are successful and popular, and both Trusts highly value each individual school’s unique identity and character. 
  • The Department for Education is strongly advising smaller Trusts to grow, as they believe this increases effectiveness and sustainability. 
  • Our schools have benefited from working in partnership within their current smaller trusts, and already enjoy a close working relationship. However, combining our experience, expertise and resources would enable an even better range of services to our schools and sustain and advance educational excellence. 
  • Our children and young people would achieve and experience even more as part of a larger family of schools. 
  • Our staff would benefit from greater opportunities for collaboration and personal and professional development within a larger trust. 

Impact consists of two local secondary schools: Hayes School and Ravens Wood School. Langley Park Learning Trust consists of five schools: Langley Park School for Boys, Langley Park School for Girls, Langley Park Primary School, Clare House Primary School and Hawes Down Primary School. All seven schools are in the London Borough of Bromley. If this went ahead then all staff would retain their terms and conditions of employment. The two trusts are exploring coming together, as equal partners, to create a new school trust with a new name, which provides both primary and secondary education. 

We are now engaging with staff, parents and carers, as well as local schools and trusts, and holding a formal consultation process before considering next steps.

If you have any comments or questions then please get in touch with us via info@lplt.org.uk

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